Photo Diary of the Hillcrest Gardening Collective

veggies and boots

Sometimes there just isn’t anything more beautiful than veggies pulled out of your garden.

In 2012, my neighbours and I decided to garden together. Chigi had inherited a gorgeous 25′ x 28′ foot garden from the previous owners of her house, but it was just too much for a woman with a busy life to take care of. Peggy loved the idea of growing her own organic vegetables, and teaching her sons the joy of pulling their very own carrots out of the ground, but didn’t feel confident to start a garden of her own. I, on the other hand, had a wealth of experience with organic community gardening in Toronto that I could share. My rental apartment in Whitby only gave me access to a patch of ground that didn’t get enough sun or rain, which depressed me. So, we decided to throw our combined resources together and form the Hillcrest Gardening Collective!

This is a photo journal of our time together and the fruits of our labour! Our project has never been smooth. We are busy with kids, shift work, and the inevitable summer vacations, usually during prime weeding season, or when the beans and tomatoes NEED to be picked! Last year, Peggy had backyard construction that never ended because it rained so much, Chigi got pregnant, and my husband and I bought our first house. . . on Hillcrest Drive. Sweet coincidence! This year, we may have some issues with the neighbour’s dog who has learned to jump the fence. Nevertheless, we will persevere! It is just so satisfying to do something meaningful with your neighbours, even when it’s messy.